Follow-Up Coaching

If you have attended an Immersive Retreat and are looking for someone to continue to walk with you on your ongoing journey, Gold Monarch is now offering follow-up coaching to help spur you on in your journey of wholeheartedness. Follow-up Coaching is completely optional, but available to anyone who has attended an Immersive Retreat or Day Package at Gold Monarch Healing Center. Coaching can occur via email, phone calls or Skype sessions. Amy Paquette does not offer full HeartSync sessions as part of coaching, but she can help you work work on Immanuel moments and can connect you to Amy Black and the Gold Monarch team in the event that you desire further HeartSync sessions.

About Amy Paquette

Amy Paquette is a mother of 3 boys. She and her husband, Dave, have been receiving HeartSyncs for almost 5 years. They attended the first-ever Intensive Retreat before Gold Monarch existed and received a life-changing, deep healing of their hearts. Since then, Amy Paquette has continued to pursue getting and keeping a whole heart. She says, “It is a journey that doesn’t end, but is so worth it. Most of what I have to offer in the way of coaching is what I’ve learned on my own through a deep desire to not lose what I had gained with Jesus in my sessions. I participated in my first Intensive Retreat at Gold Monarch in December 2016 and had another life-changing experience. I am still healing, growing, learning and diving deeper into the new things God has for me.”

The coaching will include (but not be limited to) Brene Brown’s teaching on cultivating wholeheartedness from her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection.” We highly recommend reading this book as it contains so many Kingdom truths even though it is written to a secular audience. Please email if you are interested.