We are delighted to offer Selah Cottage as a secluded place of rest and healing to those needing to get away from the cares of life. Come and “pause in His Presence”… “Selah.” The Cottage is named in honor of little Selah Jowers, who went to be with Jesus, as Gold Monarch massage therapist, Hannah Jowers, shares below…

April 24, 2017…I had gone in for my 38-week check-up and as the nurse began looking for Selah’s heartbeat, there was only silence. The doctor came in and confirmed that her heart had stopped. My world began to spin. I just wept, held my pregnant belly, and cried out to God for Him to heal her.

At 1:12am on April 25, 2017, I gave birth to a perfect 6lb 7oz baby girl, Selah Hope Jowers, covered in love but without a heartbeat or breath. There were no answers, no “reasons,” and Clay and I were left to explain to 4 hope-filled kids that their little sister was in heaven.

In those moments we learned how and what it meant to lean into the Lord, even if healing didn’t come.

In the weeks after losing Selah, the Lord’s presence and comfort were a tangible anchor that kept us grounded as each new wave of grief hit.

One morning, I was sitting with the Lord and talking with Him about how I didn’t get to know Selah like I “know” my other kids. As a momma, I cherish knowing all the likes and dislikes and little intricacies that make them each unique. But with Selah, I never got to know her. As I was processing through this with the Lord, I reached down and saw a key necklace that a friend had given me with Selah’s name on it. I heard the Lord whisper to my heart, “You will know her by the doors that she unlocks!”

In that moment, a wave of peace rushed in and I began to realize all the doors the Lord had used Selah to unlock just in those first few weeks… she unlocked a deeper place in me to love… to hold on to hope even in the midst of pain… to realize that God’s goodness is not based on our circumstances, but that because of God’s goodness, we can face any circumstance.

As the weeks have gone past, I have watched Selah’s life unlock many doors and through each door that opens, I am able to see and know a glimpse of her!

My heart is excited and expectant for all the lives that Selah’s cottage will be able to touch and impact – as a place to pause and rest… a place to soak in His goodness… to find peace in the storms of life… and to rest as the Lord fights your battles for you.  Through each life and story that comes through the doors of her cottage, we are able to see her unlock another door and know a new piece of our “Warrior of Light!”

Selah Cottage is located on Gold Monarch Healing Center’s property. We offer:

  • A self-cater kitchen with necessary appliances (no food provided)
  • Wonderful bathroom with large shower
  • Luxurious King-size bed
  • Intimate sitting area
  • Great outdoor patio and deck with brilliant view of the West Texas sunset
  • There is no TV or internet in the Cottage, but all guests will have access to Gold Monarch Healing Center facilities for internet, TV & laundry, as well as the pool, hot tub & gym

HeartSync ministry sessions and other “add-ons” can be scheduled during your stay for an additional fee. Come away, Beloved, and rest. We are eager to book your stay with us, so contact us for rates and information! 

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