Gold Monarch Healing Center is a haven of restoration and healing for the entire being… spirit, soul, and body.

We provide a full spectrum of healing care, believing that divine health encompasses every part of life. We offer seminars, conferences, spa treatments, personal ministry, and Healing Immersives. Come experience one of our Immersive Retreats—providing specific ministry to the brokenness of the heart, spa treatments focusing on the release of trauma from the body, teachings on whole-hearted living, education on health and essential oils, personalized nutrition plans, live worship, and freshly prepared organic meals. Relax in our prayer garden or take a dip in the pool or hot tub. Stroll along and explore our gated property or enjoy a bonfire by the pond under the Texas stars. If you’re longing for a life-changing getaway that will heal your heart, refresh your soul, and equip you with the tools needed to live from a whole heart, then look no further. LEARN MORE

Spirit of Elijah Summit

July 19-21, 2024 Gold Monarch Healing Center—full itinerary below.

With Jon & Jolene Hamill with Ed Watts, Chris Mitchell Jr, worship by Jamie Fitt, hosts David & Amy Black. Full bios below. 

July 22  Redeem America | 2pm, 6:30pm FountainGate Fellowship (no registration)

IT IS OUR HONOR TO INVITE YOU to the strategic 7-22 Redeem America gathering! We will have a special “Spirit of Elijah Summit” beforehand, here at Gold Monarch from Friday July 19-21, followed by the Redeem America gathering on 7/22 at Fountaingate Fellowship.

“This year, Texas becomes the epicenter of the turnaround for America! This year, my personal petition before the Throne was for either Washington DC in this election year or returning to Jerusalem (for the Spirit of Elijah Summit and the Redeem America 7/22 gathering) but, to my surprise, the Lord was very specific to join together in Abilene! Our personal intercessory team backed this up with thunder. While Washington and Jerusalem are in tumult, the Lord is directing us into the “Secret Place of the Most High” to receive His direction and move with His Spirit. Gold Monarch is truly a supernatural representation of that place!

We are honored to have Chris Mitchel, Jr., Ed Watts, Jamie Fitt (and his worship team), joining Jolene and I. This is very intentional. On October 7, 2023, we gathered for our first Spirit of Elijah Summit in Abilene, having hosted our first combined Spirit of Elijah Summit in Haifa, Israel, the previous spring, followed by the tour.  Our lives were forever changed. Obviously Israel, America and the world forever changed. We are believing that the Lord will encounter you in similar measure as we gather this July!”

– Jon Hamill

SCHEDULE Friday, July 19  Gold Monarch Healing Center 1753 Iberis Road, Abilene, TX 79606 6:30 pm Registration begins at 6:00pm Saturday, July 20  Gold Monarch Healing Center 9:30 am Lunch provided 2:00 pm 6:30 pm (tentative) Sunday, July 21 Gold Monarch Healing Center 6:30 pm Monday, July 22  *Notice venue change Fountain Gate Fellowship 909 N. Willis Street 2:00 pm 6:30 pm Registration Fee: $45 (Includes Saturday lunch)


  • Jon and Jolene Hamill: Jon and Jolene Hamill are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. They love to share His heart and word nationally and internationally through ministry and media. Founders of Lamplighter Ministries, they reside in the metro Washington DC area. Jon and Jolene are popular speakers in conferences and churches throughout America. In 2016 Jon and Jolene led a prayer and revival journey called the Glory Train, touching all 50 states with God’s promise for national turnaround.
  • Chris Mitchell Jr: Chris Mitchell Jr. is recognized as a dynamic minister and multifaceted leader. He is the founder and senior leader of The Gate in Virginia Beach, Virginia, an Apostolic Hub with a heart to see awakening and covenantal restoration in the Hampton Roads community and around the world. As a true visionary leader, he is committed to seeing people moving in their God given destiny and living in the overcoming victory of Jesus. He is also the founder and Apostolic leader of King’s Gate International, which plants and oversees Houses of prayer and governmental churches in the United States and the Nations.
  • Ed Watts: Ed Watts serves as the apostolic leader of Gateway HOPE Center (House of Prayer & Equipping Center) in Flint, Michigan. Ed’s ministry style is prophetic and evangelistic in nature. Ed loves the presence of God and carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit. He has been commissioned by Heaven to be a voice of reformation and awakening to the church and our nation. The Lord has given him a mandate to see regions transformed by authoritative prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Jamie Fitt: Jamie Fitt has been serving the Body of Christ in worship and teaching for over 25 years. Jamie moves in breakthrough worship with a strong emphasis on prophetic worship and releasing a song in the moment. As a speaker, Jamie releases biblical principles coupled with prophetic revelation that launches the hearer into a greater realization of his or her destiny. Jamie lives in Philadelphia, PA, where he is the Director of Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, a ministry that he co-founded along with his family. Jamie travels nationally with a special emphasis on the New York to DC region. He and his wife, Michelle, have four children.

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